Backlot Auctions was created to be a Public Auction website to make it simple to buy and sell vehicles on the internet.

Backlot Auctions is an easy and economical Public Auction for the seller and buyer. Backlot offers a mobile app for both android and apple making it easy to buy and sell.

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  • More time to bid on vehicles with our online Proxy bid auctions.
  • Lower Buyer Fees click here to view our buyer fee's.
  • Access us from anywhere on the go with our mobile app and user friendly website.
  • You now have access to bid on cars you might not have had the chance to in the past.


  • Longer auction times with our online proxy bid auctions.
  • Lower selling fees click here to view our selling fee's.
  • More personal attention from our staff.
  • Sell vehicles through Backlot Auctions at your own convenience.
  • CAR DEALERS (Quick and Easy way to clear your Backlot).
  • Not a dealer? click here to find out how to sell your vehicle through Backlot Auctions